Homero Pumarol

Homero Pumarol (Santo Domingo, 1971) is one of the Dominican Republic’s leading poets, now approaching mid-career. In 1997, he obtained the poetry prize named in honor of Pedro Henríquez Ureña.  He is noted for injecting Caribbean Spanish, pop culture, rock n’ roll, humor, and the vibrant impasto of the quisqueyano experience into the country’s poetry. His experience of living in Mexico and the United States infuses his verse with an international outlook, and one can discern the influence of such North American poets as William Carlos Williams and even Lou Reed in his work.  He is the author of four collections, including a new and selected edition entitled Poesía Reunida: 2000-2011 (Ediciones De a Poco, Santo Domingo). His poems have appeared throughout the Spanish-speaking world in major journals and anthologies, such as Poesía Dominicana: Antología Esencial (Colección Visor de Poesía, Madrid).  He is also a founding member of the spoken-word rock group El Hombrecito, and he appears on their album Llegó El Hombrecito.

  • Photo: Asael Peña
    The military parade has finished. / Now bums stroll the pier, / an alley where no one finds a peaceful death. // This year there were fireworks / and the President read a tear-jerking / and ovation-wo...


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