Francisco Garamona

Francisco Garamona was born in Buenos Aires in 1976. He is a bookseller, musician, editor, visual artist, and filmmaker, among other things. He has published more than forty books with presses in Argentina, Latin America, and China. He has recorded seven records of his songs, which can be downloaded free at He directed the documentaries Sergio de Loof: El Monarca (2016), Juan José Cambre: todo lo que no hago mientras pinto (2017), and Marcelo Alzetta: Una baldoza renacentista (2020). He is a member of the Instituto de Altos Estudios Patafísicos of Buenos Aires. He directs Mansalva press and La Internacional Argentina bookstore.

  • Juan Garamona with Fogwill
    I met Fogwill when I had my first bookstore in Buenos Aires, in the year 2005. He was living close by, in a hotel. He had just separated from one of his partners, and, because my bookstore was nearby,...


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