Fernando Ampuero

Fernando Ampuero, Peruvian author of short stories and novels, poet, journalist, and playwright, was born in Lima in 1949. His literary work includes the novels Caramelo verde [Green candy] (1992), Puta linda [Pretty whore] (2006),  Hasta que me orinen los perros [Until the dogs piss on me] (2008), and Loreto (2014), which make up his Cuarteto de Lima [Lima quartet] (2019), and the novles El peruano imperfecto [The imperfect Peruvian ] (2011) and Sucedió entre dos párpados [It happened between two eyelids] (2015), as well as the short story collections Paren el mundo que acá me bajo [Stop the world, I'm getting off here] (1972), Deliremos juntos [Let's rave together] (1975), Malos modales [Bad manners] (1994), Bicho raro [Weirdo] (1996), Mujeres difíciles, hombres benditos [Difficult women, blessed men] (2005), Cuentos [Stories] (2013), Íntimos y salvajes [Intimate and savage] (2017), Lobos solitarios y otros cuentos [Lone wolves and other stories] (2018), Mientras arden los sueños [While the dreams burn] (2019), and Jamás en la vida [Never in my life] (2019). Other works of his include: Antología personal [Personal anthology] (2012), the books of notes and essays Gato encerrado [Locked-in cat] (1987), Viaje de ida [One-way trip] (2012) and Tambores invisibles [Invisible drums] (2015), the novelized chronicles that make up his memoirs, El enano, historia de una enemistad  [The dwarf, history of an emnity] (2001) and La Bruja de Lima [The witch of Lima] (2018),  the stage plays Arresto domiciliario, comedia feroz [House arrest, a fierce comedy] (2003) and Un fraude epistolar, tragicomedia [An epistolary fraud, a tragicomedy] (2014), and the verse collections Voces de luna llena [Voices of the full moon] (1998) and 40 poemas [40 poems] (2010), a compilation of his poems. Fernando Ampuero's work has been translated to many languages, and he was awarded the 2018 Premio FIL Lima de Literatura.


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