Enrique R. Lamadrid

Enrique R. Lamadrid (1948) is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Spanish, University of New Mexico, a literary folklorist and cultural historian. He edits the award winning Querencias Series at UNM Press which published Hotel Mariachi: Urban Space and Cultural Heritage in Los Angeles (2013, with Miguel Gandert and Catherine Kurland). Lamadrid's research on Indo-Hispano culture includes Hermanitos Comanchitos: Indo-Hispano Rituals of Captivity and Redemption (2003) and the anthology, Nación Genízara: Ethnogenesis, Place, and Cultural Identity in NM (2020, with Moises Gonzales). Enrique authored several bilingual children's books, most recently Hermanas de Azul: María de Agreda Comes to New Mexico (2017 with Anna Nogar). The Américo Paredes Prize recognized his cultural activism, curatorial and festival projects with Smithsonian and Museum of NM. 


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