Claudia Ulloa Donoso

Claudia Ulloa Donoso was born in Lima in 1979. She is the author of the short story collections El pez que aprendió a caminar, Séptima Madrugada, and Pajarito, and has won the Peruvian short story competitions Terminaremos el cuento (1996) and El cuento de las 1,000 palabras (1998). She currently teaches languages in northern Norway.

  • Claudia Ulloa Donoso
    Before Eloísa, I was lonely and insecure, and at the start of our relationship it was hard for me to accept the men in her life. Now, I understand how good the situation is for us both.
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    There are more swimming pools in France than in any other European country. Almost 100 people drown in French pools every year.


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