Christian Elguera

Christian Elguera is a Lecturer in Spanish at the University of Oklahoma who works on the strategies of indigenous writers and activists in Peru and Brazil to defend their territories. He publishes columns on Peruvian indigenous politics in Noticias SER (a virtual magazine by the NGO Servicios Educativos Rurales). He also serves as adviser of the Red Literaria Peruana. In addition, his research explores how poets from Latin America and Abiayala, namely Haroldo de Campos, Octavio Paz, Fredy Chikangana (Quechua Yanakuna Mitmak), and Dida Aguirre (Quechua), have produced a theory of translation to confront colonial hierarchies. His articles appear in a range of journals and edited volumes, including Litterata, Amerika, Espéculo, and Iquitos (2014), among others. He is currently working on a book manuscript that examines the political role of non-human beings in José María Arguedas’ poetry.


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