Carlos Villacorta Gonzales

Carlos Villacorta Gonzales is a writer and Associate Professor of Latin American Literature at the University of Maine. He has published the novel Alicia, esto es el capitalismo (2014) and four books of poetry, most recently Materia Oscura (2017) and Ciudad Satélite (2007). He co-edited the anthologies Cuentos de Ida y Vuelta: 17 narradores peruanos en Estados Unidos (2019) and Los relojes se han roto: Antología de poesía peruana de los noventa (2005). His short fiction and poetry have been translated into English and French. In 2018, he published the nonfiction book Poéticas de la ciudad: Lima en la poesía peruana.

  • Photo: Adrian Dascal
    Let’s imagine a literary country, a country that doesn’t exist, that would have to be invented out of thin air like Macondo was invented, or Yoknapatawpha County, or any of those other places people b...


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