Brenda Lozano

Brenda Lozano is a fiction writer, essayist, and editor. She studied literature in Mexico and the United States. She has participated in literary residencies in the United States, Europe, and South America, and her work has appeared in several anthologies. She edits the literary journal Make in Chicago, and she is part of Ugly Duckling Presse in New York. Her first novel, Todo nada (Tusquets, 2009), will be adapted as a film. Her second novel is Cuaderno ideal (Alfaguara, 2014). In 2015, she was recognized by Conaculta, the Hay Festival, and the British Council as one of the most important authors under forty years of age in her country, and she was chosen at the Hay Festival in 2017 as part of the Bogotá 39: a list of the most outstanding new authors of Latin America. She currently lives in Mexico City. Her book Cómo piensan las piedras will be released this summer.

  • Brenda Lozano
    The gorilla, sprawled on a rock, contemplates the mop and bucket forgotten by the zookeeper. Were it earlier, had he a group of children in front of him, the gorilla would cudgel them with the mop. Bu...