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  • María José Navia (1982) is a Chilean writer. She is the author of the novel SANT (Incubarte, 2010) and two short story collections: Instrucciones para ser feliz (Sudaquia, 2015) and Lugar (Ediciones de la Lumbre, 2017). Her stories have been published in different anthologies in Chile, México, Russia, Bolivia, Spain and the United States. She holds an M.A from New York University and a PhD from Georgetown University. Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her latest book is the novel Kintsugi (Kindberg, 2018). She writes literary reviews in her blog Ticket de Cambio (

  • Ana Negri (born Mexico City, 1983) has a Master of Arts in Latin-American Literature from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and is currently a PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies at McGill University. She is interested in the relations between grief and creative processes, between loss and memory. She was chief editor for the book series Cartografías, devoted to travel literature, published in Mexico by Almadía and DGP. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Punto de Partida, Frente, Tierra Adentro, La Tempestad, and

  • Ángelo Néstore (Lecce, Italy, 1986) is a poet, actor, and professor in the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Malaga in Spain. He co-directs both the Irreconciliables International Poetry Festival and the feminist poetry publisher La Señora Dalloway. He has published two poetry collections: Adán o nada (Bandaàparte Editores) and Actos impuros (Ediciones Hiperión, XXXII Premio de Poesía Hiperión). In addition to his own writing, he is a translator into Italian of works such as the poetry of María Eloy-García and the graphic novels of (among others) Isabel Franc, Andreu Martín and Enrique Sánchez Abulí.

  • The New York Times described Guadalupe Nettel’s acclaimed English-language debut, Natural Histories, as “five flawless stories.” A Bogotá 39 author and Granta “Best Untranslated Writer,” Nettel has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Gilberto Owen National Literature Prize, the Antonin Artaud Prize, the Ribera del Duero Short Fiction Award, and most recently the 2014 Herralde Novel Prize. The Body Where I Was Born is her highly anticipated first novel to appear in English. She lives and works in Mexico City.

  • Anna M. Nogar is Associate Professor of Hispanic Southwest Studies in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of New Mexico.  She researches colonial Mexican literature and communities of reading, and Mexican American cultural and literary studies, focusing on New Mexico.  She is the author or editor of several books, including Quill and Cross in the Borderlands: Sor María de Ágreda, 1628- the Present (2018), A History of Mexican Literature (2016), Colonial Itineraries of Contemporary Mexico: Literary and Cultural Inquiries (2014), Complete Spanish for Americans (2008). She also co-authored with Enrique Lamadrid the prizewinning bilingual young reader’s book Sisters in Blue/Hermanas de azul (2017).

  • Marcelo Novoa (Viña del Mar, Chile, 1964) is a poet, publisher, and literary critic. He is also an academic at the Pontificial Catholic University of Valparaiso. He is the founder of Editorial Trombo Azul of Valparaíso, where he published LP (1987) and Minorías (1988), and later Arte Cortante (1966), his ongoing verse collection, which continues in 2003. He has also published Álbum de Flora y Fauna (2002) and Años Luz: Mapa Estelar de la Ciencia Ficción en Chile (2006). He directs a webpage dedicated to fantastic literature which has become an obligatory reference point for the Latin American literary scene. He has published more than fifty novels and short story collections by Chilean authors of fantastic literature.

  • Pedro Novoa (Lima, 1974) has won the Premio Horacio de Novela for Seis metros de soga (Altazor 2012) and the Premio Internacional de Novela Corta Mario Vargas Llosa for Maestra vida (Alfaguara, 2012). He has published Cacería de espejismos (Fondo UCV, 2013), Tu mitad animal (Fondo UCV, 2014), and El aleteo azul de la mariposa (Fondo UCV, 2015). He was a finalist for the Premio Herralde 2014 with the novel La sinfonía de la destrucción (Planeta, 2017). He won first place in CARETAS magazine's Concurso de las 1000 Palabras for the short story "Inmersión," whose English translation ("The Dive," translated by George Henson) was published in The Guardian.

  • Thomas Nulley-Valdés is an Australian-Chilean who lives in Canberra, where he works as a lecturer in Spanish Studies at the Australian National University. His principal research interests include macro and micro level analysis of Latin American literature, authors, and contexts; contemporary Latin American literary anthologies; and world literature theories and methodologies. For his doctoral research he has conducted around thirty interviews with contemporary Latin American authors and editors and has published some of these interviews in literary magazines and recently one in the edited book McCrack: McOndo y el Crack y los destinos de la literatura latinoamericana [McCrack: McOndo and the Crack and the fates of Latin American literature] (2018). 

  • Oscar Núñez has authored several novels, including El teatro circular [The circular theatre] (EDUCA Prize and National Novel Prize,1997), Los gallos de San Esteban [The heroes of San Esteban] (2000), En clave de luna (2004, in English translation as Cadence of the Moon, 2007), La guerra prometida [The promised war] (2015), and En busca del gran tesoro [In search of the great treasure] (2016).


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