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  • Camilo Jaramillo was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and resides in San Francisco, California. He received his Ph.D. in Latin American literature from the University of California, Berkeley. He is an independent scholar, translator, and language arts teacher.  He has written varied pieces on Latin American film, literature, and ecocriticism. 

  • Darío Jaramillo Agudelo (born July 28, 1947) is a Colombian poet, novelist, and essayist. He completed his undergraduate degree in Medellín and later earned a degree in law and economics at the Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá. He is a corresponding member of the Academia Colombiana de la Lengua. He has been recognized for his verse collections Historias [Stories] and Poemas de amor [Love poems], his novels Cartas cruzadas [Crosswise letters] and La voz interior [The interior voice], and his essay Poesía en la canción popular latinoamericana [Poetry in Latin American popular song]. He has occupied important cultural positions in state entities and he is a part of the editorial boards of the magazine Golpe de Dados and the Simón y Lola Guberek Foundation. He has been linked with the so-called "disenchanted generation" and is considered one of the most respected voices in Colombian lyric poetry; he has been credited with the renovation of love poetry in Colombia. He was awarded the National Poetry Prize in 2017. He is also internationally recognized as one of the best Colombian authors of the past century. Through his writing, he seeks to delve into the intimacies of characters without pausing over their personal lives.

  • Alejandro Jodorowsky (1929- ) is the Chilean prophet-madman-guru behind the classic psychedelic films, The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre, and The Dance of Reality, and a prime mover of the Panic Movement, an avant-garde collective that provoked extremist ‘happenings’. A standout in countless media, he is no less accomplished as an author of an impossibly prolific array of novels, comics, spiritual treatises, ‘shamanistic psychotherapeutic’ self-help, essays, and poetry. His writings Where the Bird Sings Best, a fictional autobiography, the collaboration Jodorowsky's & Boucq’s Twisted Tales, and the surrealistic novel Albina and the Dog-Men have been celebrated in translation.

  • Ellen Jones is a researcher, editor, and Spanish-to-English literary translator based in Mexico City. She has a PhD from Queen Mary University of London and is Reviews Editor at Hispanic Research Journal. She writes regularly about multilingualism and contemporary Latin American literature, including for publications like the Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement and The Irish Times. Her translation from Spanish of Rodrigo Fuentes’s short story collection Trout, Belly Up (Charco Press, 2019) was shortlisted for the Translators Association First Translation Prize. Bruno Lloret’s Nancy is published by Giramondo Publishing.


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