Poesía reunida (1979-2014) by Antonio Deltoro

When one reads the poetry of Antonio Deltoro, an inner peace is installed of that sort that makes us better; better able to see the secrets of a world that pulses with life and the anonymous people that are so similar to us; better readers of emotions and sunsets. 

The leader of poetry presented through a slower lens, focused upon the ordinary, upon a dynamic experience that has not been extinguished in his seventy years of life, to read a poem by Deltoro may well be to read the poet himself. It produces a sensation similar to that which surges when the light falls upon a wall “without anyone to obscure it”; to reference another of his poems, it is like “The sun in an empty room”.

Diarios 1988-1989: La insubordinación de los márgenes by Victoria de Stefano

These diaries of the Venezuelan novelist Victoria de Stefano, written between February of 1988 and December of 1989, constitute a sort of registry and abreviation of reflections. Further, they include notes and annotations that touch upon the daily grind with writing itself, that literary chore. Family and friends, just like the problematic nature of the local social and political order (a wave of looting in the Venezuelan capital, once termed the “carcazo”) mark the work, just as do events on a global scale (the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Tianmen Square Massacre), among other affairs. Woven with a lucid and elegant prose, it is a reflexive and penetrating work. Stefano’s texts once again enter into evidence one of her greatest virtues, the achievement of a difficult combination: transparency and erudition engaged in the art of narration.