The Animal Days

Rafael stands on the edge of a big stone wall, waving his arms up and down like a bird, flexing his knees and flapping as if he were about to take off in flight, as if he were going to throw himself onto me. He talks and talks. Every time he leans forward I’m sure he’s about to fall. He plays, feints, regains his balance, beats his wings, teeters...

Nylsa Martínez

My wife’s final wishes were that I scatter her ashes in a shopping center. She always said so as if she were joking, and because of that, when she met her creator, I couldn’t convince my children to honor her request.

María José Navia Here

She never imagined there’d be so many. She’s running late so she isn’t able to count them, but she’d say there’s at least fifteen. Even though it’s a Saturday night. And it’s ridiculously cold. Everyone is sitting around a circle, like she thought they would be, each wearing a self-adhesive badge with their name on it. They don’t look at each...

I would like this special section of Latin American Literature Today to be yet another indicator of the growing influence of Latinos in the U.S.  Three facts underscore their growing impact.  First is that Latinos are the largest minority...


Neruda: The Poet's Calling

At the age of forty-five, Mark Eisner is surprised to have spent one third of his life researching and writing about the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. He was one of the principal translators of the anthology, The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems, that City Lights published in 2004, and later he wrote the introduction of the first English...

Mara Pastor

Well, with me the start of poetry was in the epistolary. I remember that I would write to the members of my family for various reasons. Mainly, to try to communicate what I felt I could not express through the orality of conversation. I felt the need to communicate an emotional load, but in the same way I intuited that the oral word was not...


Rafael Cadenas en Guadalajara

I should say once more: thank you. These are very important words. They are used to express appreciation, as in this very moment, for something that comes directly from the Queen of Spain.

Moronga de Horacio Castellanos Moya

Lately the world of murder mysteries or crime novels has taken on new and varied forms of expression.  We do not propose to make a list of those paths since they are already well known.

Rafael Cadenas en Guadalajara

Your Highness, eight hundred years after the foundation of our University, we thank you for the opportunity to hold this ceremony here in the Parainfo. Thank you, Your Majesty. We are gathered here to honor Rafael Cadenas, poet and professor, artisan of language and its words, critic of civilized barbarity and ever a defender of the human being,...

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