No te ama by Camila Gutiérrez

Improvised romance either forces us to make decisions or leads us to unexpected places. That is precisely what happens to Camila Gutiérrez in this autobiographical novel. After a three-year relationship with a woman, she meets a man and becomes involved in a story of intense, confused and unfaithful love.

No te ama is an intimate and courageous novel. In a sort of sentimental exercise, the protagonist searches with desperation and humor for an explanation that lends credence to her peculiar way of existing in the world.

Los niños perdidos by Valeria Luiselli

Los niños perdidos (Un ensayo en cuarenta preguntas) is a brutally intimate testimonio, written in brilliant, lucid and frank prose. It observes the reality of migrant children from a perspective situated somewhere between the desire to remedy the existential neglect in which they find themselves caught up, and the impotence that marks the inability to do so. As Luiselli herself asks with all honesty: “How does one explain that inspiration is never what moves one to write a story, but rather a combination of anger and clarity?”