Indigenous Literature

Editor’s Pick

Sepulcros de vaqueros by Roberto Bolaño

An indefatigable author, Roberto Bolaño disentangles himself with equal skill both in his lengthy novels that have brought him such fame and in his short stories and novellas. This volume includes three previously unpublished nouvelles: "Patria" [Homeland], "Sepulcros de vaqueros" [Cowboys' tombs], and "Comedia del horror de Francia" [French Comedy of horrors], in which the very best of the Chilean author's literary genre is present: Evil, violence, history, literature, irony, Mexico, Chile, love, suspense, searching... all of which shape his most celebrated characters, such as the ubiquitous and savage detective, Arturo Belano. 

Las enemigas by Claudina Domingo

Las enemigas is a book of nine psychologically and fantastically inclined short stories that explore three fundamental themes: bonds with maternal roots, death, and twins. In several of the stories, the interdependence of the mother and death gives rise to tragedy; that is, the presence of a mother that devours the soul of the child, a manifestation of the enemy impulses that exist in every experience of maternity, and that society attempts to hide. In other cases, the absence of the maternal figure is explored, along with its psychological effects in individuals that face internal confrontations due to this deficiency. Every story has a death more as a gravitational center than as an end. As a result of that death - one's own, that of the mother, of the daughter, of the brother, of the enemy - the characters are thrown into a transformational psychological process, the basis of each story's plot.