Editor’s Pick

La máscara, la transpariencia: Ensayos sobre poesía hispanoamericana by Guillermo Sucre

In La máscara, la transpariencia, Guillermo Sucre presents a rigorous, sober and above all poetically conscious work. That is to say, it focuses more upon the texts than upon their authors. For that very reason, he says, he chose that title: taken from José Lezama Lima, the image reveals the possibility for a poet to make him or herself invisible, allowing their poetry to speak for them.

The selection of works favors not a preconceived notion of “the representative”, but rather that which the author considers Hispanic American character: “Its quests, its obsessions, its conscience of reality and of history, its fascination with certain myths, and the continuous passion for a utopian world.”

Sagrado: Poesía reunida 2004-2016 by Roger Santiváñez

Sagrado unites the poetic works of Roger Santiváñez written between 2004 and 2016. It also includes some poems from as early as 1979 and 1999. Ever since his first work, Antes de la muerte, emerged in 1979, Santiváñez has built a poetic style defined by one of the most important voices in Peruvian poetry. His work makes us participants in a universe in which the search for harmony and equilibrium comes through the transgression born of a skeptical perspective.