Indigenous Literature

Editor’s Pick

La derrota de lo real by Pablo Brescia

La derrota de lo real is a powerful literary antidote to restore sanity. From the deserts where only the cemeteries grow to the pathways showered with tears by the professional mourners of Nepal, these stories are constructed from nothing, giving shape to worlds where emotions, cruelty, passion, and irony appear naked, disjointed, and transformed into accessories that, like Mr. White's Detachable Penis™, can be resold in a flea market.

La guerra interior by Jorge Baradit

Imagine disappearing cities, an apocalypse in the making, a disintegrating society, political systems submitting to failure, artificial intelligence out of control, human beings that are reborn, and fractures in the Earth that hide ancient secrets. Jorge Baradit, in every one of the stories that comprise La guerra interior, creates a unique world in which we do not know the past from the present nor the future because the timeline has been lost in an infernal dystopia.